The future in System monitoring and notifications

The ELSS Intelligent Portal is an intuitive Web Interface that manages storage of collated data on the 'ELSS Intelligent Portal Cloud'. Information can be collected in a number of various ways ranging from basic manual entry into a web-based Spread Sheet (for Clients with less Automation controlling their LSS), through to full interrogation of the existing LSS Control System and then harvested by our intelligent Interface Modules and transmitted to the cloud.

'Alarm' notifications are forwarded by E-mail and SMS to recipients; 'Events' such as Alarms, pump status changes are logged on the portal for historical reporting.

Stored data such as logging and status information can then be securely viewed via the internet on any web-enabled device to allow user-friendly real-time observation and interrogation of information. The system offers users full control of numerous settings via the portal including:

  • Interface Module setup/disable
  • Running set points
  • Event Logging configuration
  • Alarms Notification configuration
  • Override On/Off of individual Event logging & Alarm notifications
  • Run reports to screen and CSV file download/export

Through an intensive R&D programme and end-user collaboration we have designed a comprehensive yet straightforward viewing platform for all our customers. With on-going development, support and continuing system upgrades we offer a fully future-proofed monitoring and reporting package for the end-user.

Intelligent Portal Features

Water Qualities

Any of the Water Quality Data for exhibits can be collected, either automatically or manually entered.

Equipment Status

LSS equipment status can be logged, either as an event or alarm condition.


Critical readings can be displayed as highly visual clear dial gauges with colored sections to highlight out of tolerance readings.


All water Qualities, Power usage, and Water usage logged can be viewed as trends or tabular data. The data can be filtered to display the current data or back into history to track any historical data and/or events.


Equipment service history can be logged. For example Pump or UV Lamp running hours. These events can be set to trigger messages for service intervals. Water quality calibration readings can be stored to give a history of Sensor calibrations.

SMS / Email Alarm

Alarms and notifications pertaining to the above are both sent Email and SMS messages. The ELSS Intelligent Portal System will repeat the messages at a user defined interval until the alarm condition has been acknowledged.

Water Usage

Water usage can be monitored to detect if an exhibit is using excessive/more than usual water. Costings per unit can be entered into the system to give the water usage as an actual cost.

Power Monitoring

LSS Power demand can be monitored to allow for costs to be allocated to separate exhibits. Changes in power usage can be highlighted and the system can be used to monitor power saving changes for benefits. Costings per unit can be entered into the system to give the water usage as an actual cost.

Intelligent Portal Screenshots

Intelligent Portal Applications